A game where a duck finally plays as detective! Someone stole the chocolates from the lion. But who? Can Doodley find out all the clues, bring them to the lion and point at the right thief?

The game is currently unfinished but can be played a little and you can solve something.

In game you navigate through the basic commands for movement : n, s, w, e, nw, sw, ne, se, u, d, enter, exit.
Then object manipulation commands : take object, drop object, i as inventory, l as look, x object as examine.
Then there are special commands that break object into two objects or combine two objects into one. It is based around wordplay for example : break keylock creates key and lock objects and destroys keylock object. combine keycard takes key and card object from inventory or room and creates keycard object.
Objects are sometimes hidden in the descriptions of room or objects so read carefully (hint : you can use mouse cursor to see what word is an object).