Game created for a 2020 treasure hunt jam with ADVENTURON engine.

Basic controls:

- N, S, W, E, NE, NW, SE, SW, UP, DOWN for ground movement

- EAT object for digestion (you need to have that object in inventory or in room)

- DRINK object for thirst (you need to be in room with the object that you try to drink)

- SLEEP for resting

- HELP for spoiler hints on some places or certain situations

- You can't die from hunger/thirst in this version. Just think about it like it is a partial tamagochi game with some typical adventure puzzles. (from version 202027 hunger/thirst/tiredness can be disabled on game start)

- There are other actions used as VERB NOUN and some only VERB. You need to figure out what a duck can physically do.

- I will provide some hints on discussion board.

- Goal of the game is to gather some things and bring them together to one place. Game starts in the moment when mother duck goes out to hunt food for the little ducklings. Descriptions and action messages are now a little bit longer so i hope it is more clear now of what is going on.


Doodley_the_Duck_20200303_1924.adv 103 kB

Development log


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Also very confused about the goal and if the treasures in this game are coloured in or not. I assume it is the food that is the treasures?

The game is very creative and clever but I think the lack of a clear goal makes puzzle solving rather difficult. I think clearly finding one treasure near the start is a good idea in treasure hunt game. Maybe add a really easy one just to demonstrate what category the treasure is and what they look like (via their styling).

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I do not know if i can change it until jam end but i add it on my todo.

The goal is in intro text as "gather family". I changed it few days ago. And all the treasures are on the title picture. What could possibly mother duck treasure most? Why food. Think like a duck. :-)

Treasures and even the treasure room is styled in rainbow color like in game TWO. I am gonna tell you the first one treasure solution hints. Go NW. X feather. What color it is? Look at the picture again. What else you see, or should i say not see because of mist. What would a panicked duck do when she could not find her little treasure? The one and only sound a duck can make. Do it until there is a response. Follow sound. Then repeat until you find the treasure.

Good luck with other 4. 

Thanks for the tips. Now I know the treasure category it all makes sense.

Yeah, it’s a little rough.
I’ve flown, travelled, died; I’ve seen a spider and a lot of other things in this living, breathing world. I’ve found things, freed a dog, but my score’s stuck at zero. And I still don’t know how to eat a fish!
It’s not frustrating, because it seems to be a really good and original game.

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Thank you. New version has slightly better (and longer) messages, some hint items and few adjustments. 

You are doing well. When you have fish in inventory or on ground then just type EAT FISH and it should vanish after message. Something tells me you didn't catch any fish? Spider is like the last place where player can solve things. :)